This four session course will look at integrating the mathematics syllabus with the science and technology syllabus, focusing on the working mathematically, working scientifically and working technologically processes and skills. How to plan ‘big picture’ investigations with your students that maximise the mathematics, particularly the measurement and data strands where the outcomes are explored, evidenced and evaluated in student learning.

Katherin Cartwright is the presenter for all four sessions of this long course. Katherin is currently the Mathematics Advisor K-6 for the NSW Department of Education.

Session 1 The why, how and what of the M in STEM

Why is STEM a focus in education and specifically for mathematics? How does mathematics fit into STEM? What concepts and content of mathematics lend themselves to integrating STEM?

Session 2 Making Connections (Tues 24 October)

Exploring how the skills and processes of working mathematically, working scientifically and working technologically can be aligned in STEM.

Session 3 Driving STEM with mathematics (Tues 31 October)

Exploring inquiry learning and creating driving questions that encompass the ‘big ideas’ of mathematics. How to balance student self-directed learning with explicit teaching of mathematics.

Session 4 Evidence of the M (Tues 7 November)

What does assessment of mathematics look like in STEM? Investigating how to map and track outcomes as part of inquiry-based learning and teaching strategies.

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