This one day course will look at the Stage demands for teaching mathematics. A refresher of Stage appropriate content for teachers moving between stages or an introduction to teachers new to S3.

Content focus:

  • Important relevant stage syllabus outcomes – looking at what comes before and where we are going!
  • Unpacking problem-solving strategies that demonstrate fluency in mathematical techniques.
  • Build knowledge of staff in the mathematical terminology and conventions appropriate for Stage 3.
  • Supporting students to understand and apply ‘real-life’ situations to problem-solving and working mathematically outcomes within Stage 3.
  • Formative assessment examples in Mathematics
  • The balance between formative and summative assessments to drive teaching and student groups.
  • Differentiating content within the stage – differentiating using content, process and product for tasks.
  • Backward mapping for planning rich learning tasks
  • Simple classroom resources

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